Corporate Services

Plants brighten up your premises and make your environment more pleasant. We provide professionally bound bouquets and arrangements that match you company's style and feel.

Weekly Flowers

Once a week, on your chosen day, we will deliver fresh flowers to your reception, conference rooms, break and lunch rooms or where ever you need flower decorations.

The weekly flower can be a bouquet, an arrangement or a potted plant, however you choose.

Special days

A beautiful, elegent bouquet or arrangement is always appreciated, when you want to remember your employees or partners on their special days.

Decorations for the Premises

Decorations for the premises with flowers and plants. Arrangements for e.g. buffet tables, speaker's stands, decorations for lobbies, etc.

Payment Methods

In addition to our common payment methods, we offer companies the possibility of a billing agreement. Billing can be organised the traditional way or online through electronic billing. You can inquire about a billing agreement by e-mail at or by phone at +358 50 521 6263. When visiting our store personally, we accept cash and all debit and credit cards as means of payment.