Bridal Bouquets

Bridal bouquets are only shown online and sold in the shop. We do not do wedding plans by e-mail - plannng requires a personal visit to the store.

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A dense rose bouquet with extended stems.
A light and chained, falling bouquet of roses.
A Cornet d'Amour bouquet to be carried at the side.
A dense, white bouquet with brown wild materials.
A palm-held, ball-shaped leaf ornament for the bride.
An asymmetrical and formal linear, contrasting bouquet.
A wreath-like form symbolising eternity in a bouquet with wild materials such as bark and marsh tea.
A light, chained bouquet of white flowers and berries.
A heart-shaped, dense bouquet.
A glamelia bouquet of rose petals.
An asymmetrical bouquet in muted tones, including e.g. calla lilies.
A calla lily arm bouquet.
A sickle-shaped, asymmetrical bouquet of sunflowers.
A special bouquet of stacked eucalyptus leaves and other leaves.
A "straw tail" bouquet of sunflowers.
An oval bouquet with decorative stems.
A flat, framed bouquet with a straw tail.
A decorative, ribbon-like bouquet of crocheted wire with light flower chains.
A dense rose bouquet with plenty of falling elements.
A dense rose bouquet with an ivy wreath.
A sceptre-like rose bouquet with matching colours.
A summery "meadow bouquet" of wild-like flowers.
A dense rose bouquet with a light wreath and burgundy decorative chains.