High Multi-Level Bouquets

Fantasy bouquets, formal linear bouquets, rising bouquets, several colour and size options.

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A bouquet with magnificent, exotic seasonal flower such as strelitzia, ginger, guzmania etc.

Note, please check availability from the store!


A two-coloured bouquet of seasonal flowers

Size XL in picture.

starting 30.00

A bouquet with e.g. roses and gerberas or germinis.


1 to 3 white or greenish calla lilies dressed with greens. Please contact store for availability information.

Size L in pucture.

starting 20.00

Call Jaana at +358 50 521 6263 and specify what kind of bouquet you would like. The price for a fantasy bouquet is €10 - €150, depending on the flowers and size. Payment online.

Seasonal, lime green flowers complemented with more brightly-coloured roses, gerberas, or germinis. Colour options yellow, orange, and pink. Please specify in the "Additional Information" field which colours you would like to have in addition to the lime green.

A rising bouquet on a garland bed made of club moss or similar.

Size M in picture.

starting 35.00

A yellow-and-lime-toned tall bouquet


Spectacular fan shaped bouquet with irises and carnations.

Color of the carnations is subject of selection.


Festive white and blue bouquet

Size M in picture.

starting 30.00

A magnificent protea tied together with a lucky bamboo, a berry sprig, and greens.

Please check availability from store before the order.


A genuine cotton sprig, whose open cores resemble snowballs, with a cheerful holly sprig and greens.


With an exotic eye-catcher (not necessarily a guzmania as in the picture).
Size S for the small Aalto vase
Size M for the large Aalto vase

Size M in picture.

starting 35.00